Interpreters in the UK have been up in arms over the Ministry of Justice’s 2011 language services framework agreement with a company formerly called Applied Language Solutions (ALS). The service in question was court interpreting.

The National Audit Office has now published the results of its investigation into the contracting out of language services in the justice system, and the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee discussed the matter yesterday, 15 October 2012.

Download the National Audit Office report on Ministry of Justice language services contract (pdf, 352KB)

Watch the meeting of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee on Ministry of Justice Language Services.

I can think of quite a few Italian public sector organisations who have made just as much as — nay, more of — a mess of their language-service outsourcing. At significant cost to the public accounts and to the quality of their communications.

I’m sure they know who they are. But do they care?

By the way: FUBAR is military slang for “fucked up beyond all reason”.

By Marian Dougan

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  1. 1 Susan Wilson

    See also “Monday in Parliament” for 29 Oct 2012. Interpreting section starts at 07:29

  2. 2 wordstogoodeffect

    Thanks, Susan, for pointing that out.

  3. 3 polishtranslators

    I’m keen on military English but I’ve never heard FUBAR before. Thanks for a side lesson 🙂

  4. 4 wordstogoodeffect

    You’re welcome. Glad to have been of use in broadening your education!

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