I had a nice surprise the other day, but a surprise that made me feel a bit sheepish. I discovered that Luke Spear had included my blog in his list of “75+ of the best translation, language and linguistics blogs to follow” – even though my last post dates from 26 June 2016. Oh dear.

Anyway, being included in Luke’s list acted like a kick in the bahookie and I’ve decided to revive this poor old blog, which I’ve badly neglected.

To start with, I’ll pick up from that post of 26 June 2016 to say that I still think leaving the European Union is a disaster for the UK. Especially during these times of coronavirus, when it would surely be beneficial to pool our resources with those of other European countries and provide each other with mutual help. And just think of the number of Europeans working and putting themselves at risk in UK hospitals, care homes and other key services.

I realise this isn’t the time to rake up old divisions but I do wonder, if we were to conduct a poll now, how many people would still choose Brexit.

2 Responses to “Hello again (and I still think we’d be better off in Europe)”  

  1. 1 Egils Grikis

    I totally agree with You that leaving the European Union is a disaster for the UK.

  2. 2 Marian Dougan

    I know. The EU certainly doesn’t get everything right but we’d be far better off working within it and helping improve it.

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