5 Responses to “Top 100 Language Lovers and Top 25 Language Professionals Blogs, 2011: we’re well chuffed!”  

  1. 1 limr

    Congratulations! Well-deserved.
    A lesser but sincere accolade also awaits at http://asalinguist.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/and-the-winner-goes-to/

  2. 2 wordstogoodeffect

    Thank you! I’ve commented on your blog to this not-at-all deserved accolade (if for no other reason — I’m anything but sweet). I’ll follow up your post — am thinking furiously about those random facts. I’ll have no problem finding seven irrestistible blogs — the problem will be to narrow the selection down.

  3. 3 limr

    If it makes it easier, the original instructions said 15 blogs, but I wanted to make it a bit more exclusive and focused on the ladies.

  4. 4 Judy Jenner

    Congratulations, Marian. 🙂 Very proud of you — your blog is awesome. Fantastic to meet you in Stirling. I’ve just realized — and I am mortified — that we had not previously linked to your blog from our blogroll. That’s now been corrected. Keep up the great work!

  5. 5 wordstogoodeffect

    Thanks, Judy, the feelings are reciprocated. I hadn’t linked to your blog either, but have now done so. I’ve been urging colleagues to catch your workshop if they get a chance — so much great advice!

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