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Scottish historian Neil Oliver has written an open letter to the people of Scotland, setting out his position on the Independence Referendum. I’m publishing extracts from it here as it expresses similar feelings to my my own. Neil Oliver’s open letter to the Scottish people: “I will lay my cards on the table from the start: […]

If you’re interested in fonts, and especially if you don’t like Arial but do like having your prejudices confirmed, you might enjoy a couple of articles written by typeface designer Mark Simonson. He describes Arial as: actually rather homely. Not that homeliness is necessarily a bad thing for a typeface. With typefaces, character and history […]

I’m been very busy recently with barely time to pause for breath – so I’ve had to put the blog on the back-burner for a couple of weeks. But I thought I’d share with you a Twitter application I’ve found really useful as Tweeter-in-Chief (er, the only one) for Milngavie Book and Arts Festival, which […]

In today’s earlier post I mentioned that The Sunday TImes will be charging users for online access, starting in June 2010. Depending, I assume, on readers’ reactions, other newspapers and magazine will follow suit. How do you feel about paying for online access to your favourite paper? And how often would you prefer to pay? […]