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The following list features some of the blogs and websites I’ve found interesting and/or useful. You’ll find some of these links in the sidebar – the selection there changes each time you refresh the page. The selection feature is designed to reduce “link blindness”: which is what happens when you see the links every time you visit the blog, but never actually look at them.

The lists below started off in alphabetical order but that will no doubt fall by the wayside before very long.

Translation blogs or websites

  • A Smart Translator’s Reunion: A blog by translator Catharine Catharine Cellier-Smart (Smart Translate). Another language & translation blog (but probably the only one from reunion island)
  • Adventures in Freelance Translation: Interesting blog posts and online articles on translation, interpreting, freelancing, and social media
  • Blogging with Swedish Translation Services: Tess Whitty’s Blog: the business of translation
  • Chatter and Verse: a blog by Alison Hughes devoted to ‘poems’ about situations we translators, indeed freelancers in general, often face
  • La Poutre dans l’oeil: a blog, in French, by translator and architect (wow!) Pierre Fuentes
  • Lavori in Corso: Musings of a web specialist and freelance translator
  • Naked Translations: English to French translations. Perfect English, now available in French
  • Rainy London’s blog: A blog on Interpreting, Translation and Editing services (and a bit of fun too) Italian | English | Spanish and more…
  • Speech Marks Translations: The trials, tribulations and (hopefully) triumphs of all things translation-related, with the occasional detours into other areas of the linguistic world
  • Sprachrausch Blog: language news and useful resources (not just for translators!) from Else Gellinek
  • The Conversation, by Conversis: International business news that will help you conduct your international business more effectively.
  • the Detail Woman: by Sarah “Alys” Lindholm, an obsessive translator (from Japanese to English), a linguist, and occasionally a lexicographer.
  • Thoughts on Translation: The translation industry and becoming a translator, by Corinne McKay
  • Tranix Translations: posts in Spanish and English by translator and environmental campaigner Nikki Graham
  • Translation Times: The entrepreneurial linguists and translating twins blog about the business of translation from Las Vegas and Vienna
  • Translating is an Art: Percy Balemans writes about translation and language (Dutch and English)
  • Want Words: Every word you want, in English and Polish

Writing and editing blogs

  • As a Linguist: What we say, how we say it, how we don’t say it, how we should or shouldn’t say it, or how we mess it all up
  • Bad Language: Matthew Stibbe on writing, marketing and technology
  • Grammar Girl: Quick and dirty tips for better writing
  • Il blog del mestiere di scrivere: le cassette da lavoro con gli attrezzi del mestiere: consigli utili per il lavoro di scrittura in generale e per la scrittura online in particolare
  • Johnson: The use and abuse of languages around the world, in a blog named after the dictionary-maker Samuel Johnson (no longer up-dated – language posts now published under “Prospero” (see below). But worth delving into the archives.
  • Prospero: Named after the hero of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, this blog provides literary insight and cultural commentary from our correspondents
  • The subversive copy editor: Advice from Chicago: What may be the best copy editor’s companion since CMS (that’s Chicago Manual of Style, not Content Management System!)
  • Writing Matters: Blog by Leslie O’Flahavan and Marilynne Rudick — writing tips, links, comments and opinion

Web-writing and usability blogs and links

Macs, design, books, productivity and more…


  • Rude Goose: A great designer and web designer: integrated web, identity and graphic design with the focus on the customer. The ever-patient Zoë of Rude Goose designed the DNA Language website and customised the theme for this blog, which is based on “Unsleepable” (which WordPress has sadly now retired), by Ben Gray.
  • Beth Hodge Photography: A photographer based near Glasgow who has a great ability to understand the way people feel and want to look, and for putting people at their ease. Beth did the photos for this blog and the DNA Language website.

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