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Wee Prince George is one week old today. I dug out my baby-name bible, “Choose Your Baby’s Name” by Rosalind Fergusson, first published in 1987 but which I bought in 1992 (no prizes for guessing why). Here’s what the royal names mean. George: from the Greek georgos, “tiller of the soil” or “farmer”. Also, of course, the […]

Two British institutions were in the media this week: the monarchy, with the birth of Prince George of Cambridge; and the Church of England, with the Archbishop of Canterbury’s support for credit unions and his challenge to payday loan companies. And two organisations were quick to exploit the marketing opportunities these events presented. One was […]

The New York Times has published an interesting article on the new words and terms being used by Europe’s citizens as a result of the economic crisis. Some of the terms are lifted directly from English. Take “spreaddite acuta”, or acute spreaditis, used by the Italian media to describe Italy’s bond-yield problems. Or “downgradare”, referring to […]

If you’re enjoying the lovely summer weather we’re having here in (most of) the UK, then maybe a translation conference is the last thing on your mind. But, come September, a few days of workshops and presentations in a beautiful setting with great company (translators do love a get-together!) will be just the ticket to […]