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If you’ve ever felt bewildered by legalese and found it far removed from Plain English, take heart: you’re in good company. Court of Appeal judge Sir Alan Ward recently heard a case revolving around the Council Tax liability of a family living on an old tug boat, the Cannis. One factor having a bearing on the decision was […]

Quality in translation is something that good translators have an instinctive feel for. But how do you measure translation quality? How do you define it? The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation evaluates the translations provided by its contractors using the criteria set out below. First, some simple Yes/No quality criteria: Compliance with technical requirements? (Y/N) Right […]

Did you know that we translators have our own poet laureate – who’s also a pretty mean rapper? Here’s a sample: The deadline Ten thousand words for Friday OK that should be fine Two thousand words a day A good steady pace I must say Day one and all is going fine It’s telly tonight with […]

We’ve had a makeover! The blog is now self-hosted (I got round to it at last). It uses the same theme as before (Unsleepable, by Ben Gray), revamped by the wonderful – and very patient – Zoë Shuttleworth of Rude Goose. With help from her new assistant, the beautiful Erica, who at 6½ months gives […]